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{June 25, 2014}   Arc Review ~ Take Me Out by Dawn Robertson …

Review … Take Me Out by Dawn Robertson


Take Me Out

Title … Take Me Out
Author … Dawn Robertson
Series … Stand Alone
Genre … New Adult Romance
Publisher … Beau Coup Publishing
Release Date … 2.27.14
Format … eBook

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Book Summary (courtesy of GoodReads)

Charlotte Windsor is a good girl, for the most part. Growing up with protective older brothers, the Boston Socialite has yet to spread her wings. When she meets tattooed bad boy, Bentley Young, she has no idea he is actually a reluctant real estate mogul. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, Bentley has chosen to live a simple life – surrounded by as many beautiful women as possible. He has no intention of settling down. But one chance baseball game will change both of their lives forever. Charlotte and Bentley fall hard for one another and the sparks fly. But a storm is headed their way – ex-lovers, arson, and heartbreak. The game of love is not always a sure thing, sometimes it goes into extra innings …

** Content Warning: May contain adult content and explicit scenes. Intended for 18+ audience. **

My Review
This book in 8 words of less …

Where to begin? To say I enjoyed this story would be an understatement of epic portions because if I were to really be honest I would admit that I haven’t pulled my eyes away from kinkier reads to allow the enjoyment one would find between the pages of a charmingly sweet Contemporary New Adult Romance in quite a while.

Anywho, this book offers everything you would expect from a budding relationship … the flirty playfulness and the passion filled nights to many heartbreaking situations couples have to face sometimes.

You can’t help but fall in love with the characters from this story. Charlie and Bentley are perfect for each other. They are both well developed characters with colorful personalities. Even when their past causes some hiccups along the way you can’t resist the attachment you feel towards Charlie and Bentley. Besides if the story was all rainbows and my little ponies from beginning to end without any chaos thrown in the mix readers wouldn’t be able to relate … it would feel unrealistic in my opinion.

bad boy4

The one part that just drew me in and brought tears to my eyes (insider’s secret – all it takes for the water works to flow is to witness a man get so choked up with emotions that even he has tears in his eyes) was also the most heartbreaking moment of the whole book … not the fights or the fires or even the crazy stalker bitches (although they provided the necessary suspense to make Take Me Out more interesting) … it was when Charlie and Bentley go for their eleven week check up on their precious gummy bear. Talk about a hot mess … tears just kept coming. I could never imagine how one would survive after experiencing such a life change situation.


Lucky for us readers Dawn brought the love and fun back by tying in the characters love for baseball and each other with the support of their family and friends. I would really enjoy a sequel only this time a touch long and perhaps Charlie and Bentley could get another chance at being parents but this time two gummy bears … seriously how cute would that be … you know it would be to freakin adorable.

So how about it Dawn? Any chance for a second book?


Rating 4


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