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{December 8, 2013}   Arc Review ~ First Kiss by Ann Mayburn …

Review … First Kiss (Emma’s Arabian Nights #1) by Ann Mayburn


First KissTitle … First Kiss
Author … Ann Mayburn
Series … Emma’s Arabian Nights
Genre … Erotic Romance
Publisher … Honey Mountain Publishing
Release Date … 12.2.13
Format … eBook BN ID … 2940148826286

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Book Summary (courtesy of GoodReads)

Ryan Darwish will never forget the night his senior year of high school when he kissed a very drunk Emma Simonov and lost his heart to her forever. Six years later Ryan finds Emma again, but she’s a different woman than the bossy and joyful girl he used to know. Emma is now a pro-Domme and she makes her living by dominating a very select clientele of submissives at the Kiss of Blue dungeon.

When Emma graduated from college with her teaching degree three years ago she had no idea how hard it would be to find work as a teacher at a decent school. To make matters worse elderly parents both lost their jobs and their pensions in one fell swoop. Out of options, Emma had no choice but to turn her passion into her profession and go pro-Domme. She loves her work, enjoys her clients, but cannot allow herself to fall in love. Monogamous by, nature she knows that if her heart belongs to a man she’ll no longer be able to pro-Domme and without a good paying job her parents will soon be homeless. When Ryan appears in her life she finds herself tempted by the one thing she cannot have – the man of her dreams.

Ryan will do anything to make Emma see that he is the man for her including being everything that she ever wanted in a submissive, but when he begins their relationship with a lie he may never win another night with his reluctant Dominatrix.

My Review
This book in 8 words of less …

With an epic battle warring on in my head over which arc to read next Ann Mayburn’s First Kiss was the battle’s ultimate champion in a long line of extreme competitors. Likely due to the fact that Emma’s Arabian Nights is the first book ever with a FemDom character being the main focal point that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. First Kiss was a well-paced, fun and sensual shortie that was filled with just the right amount of alluring naughtiness to make it awesome sauce! Everyone knows my jollies are reserved for powerful alpha dominants of the possessive male variety but I will admit that Ms. Mayburn had me tickled pink with elation knowing I could draw enjoyment from a submissive male with skills like Ryan. If Ryan’s character continues on being as fascinating as he was in First Kiss I can guarantee this chica won’t be tip toeing into the next bad boy but diving in head first to devour each and every morsel laid out before me.

Emma Simonov is a woman with a lot on her plate, struggling to find a job that is more suited to her degree in teaching while trying to support and take care for her retired elderly parents she has no choice but to work as a Pro-Domme at her friend Dungeon. She may want a loving relationship with the perfect man but she put those feelings aside to do what she much for those she loves. This works well for her until Ryan comes back into her life and now after spending a couple days with him she is left feeling confused, happy and heartbroken all at the same time because of what her hearts wants and what her brain tells her she must do to survive.

Ryan Darwish is the perfect combination of heartfelt lover and alpha male deliciousness. The fact that he has loved Emma for years makes his affection and devotion towards her breathtakingly beautiful. He wants to protect and care for her while taking pleasure in making her happy. All seems to be going well for Ryan and Emma even after some confessions are made on Ryan’s behalf about some of his slightly shady stalkerish actions. Although now Ryan is beginning to get a little frustrated with Emma, he can sense that while she may be pleased with the pleasure and satisfaction he has provided her the thought of actually wanting to embrace a blissful and loving relationship with him has her running scared and confused because in Emma’s eyes it just isn’t that easy for her to just let everything go in order to have the happy ending she’s always wanted.


Final Thoughts

Even though I knew from the beginning that First Kiss was going to be somewhat part of a serial and would have some type of cliffhangerish ending I still found myself wrapped up in this FemDom world and its cast of characters especially the delectable and mischievous Justan. So, with the beginning said Ms. Mayburn bring on the next installment and please tell me there will be more Justan added to the crazy passionate ride of Ryan and Emma’s journey!

Disclaimer … Arc copy provided by author in exchange for a honest review.

Rating 4


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