Zany PNR Addict

{October 17, 2013}   Throwback Thursday – Darker After Midnight …


Darker After Midnight

It was him–the one she’d come to the station to identify.

She knew him on sight, instantly recognizing the chiseled, knife-edge cheekbones and the rigid, unforgiving jut of his squared jaw line. His short golden-brown hair was disheveled, some of it drooping over his brow, but not enough to conceal the piercing color of his steel blue eyes. And he was immense–every bit as tall and muscular as she remembered. His biceps bulged beneath the short sleeves of a white T-shirt. Loose-fitting heathered gray sweats hung from his slim hips and hinted at powerfully muscled thighs.

He prowled into the space with an air of defiance–of unapologetic arrogance–that made the fact that he was in a jail with his hands cuffed behind his back seem inconsequential. He walked ahead of the others, all long limbs and a loose gait that felt more animal than human. There was a slight limp in the otherwise smooth movement of his legs, she noticed. A spot of blood rode on his right thigh, a deep red splotch that soaked into the lighter fabric of his sweats. Tavia watched the stain grow a little with each long stride that carried him across the length of the lineup area. She shuddered a bit inside the warmth of her winter coat, feeling queasy. God, she never had been able to stand the sight of blood.


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