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{October 10, 2013}   Throwback Thursday – The Immortal Highlander …

Okie dokie folks I have decide to do a book version of Throwback Thursday.
Every Thursday this blog will feature one of my All Time Favorite Books!
Each feature will contain an excerpt from the book and hopefully
these will help you find something waiting to be discovered.


Adam Black was more then most men.

He was strong and sensual and certain of himself, an uninhibited hedonist, every last glorious gold-velvet inch of him. He adored sex, savored it, everything about it. He was controlling, yet in a way that fed a woman’s fantasies. He would be, she now knew, a whole lot dominant in bed and a little bit dirty. He would take her every way she’d ever imagined and she was quite certain, a few ways she probably hadn’t.

He would be inventive and inexhaustible and utterly devoted to pleasure.

There was now no doubt in her mind that he could do as he’d said: leave her so limp, so dazedly and thoroughly sated that she’d not even be able to summon up the strength to feed herself, to lift her head from the pillow, or the floor, or wherever else he chose to leave her when he was done with her.

A woman could hurt herself on Adam Black in bed.


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