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{October 8, 2013}   ARC Review – Eternal Echoes by Anastasia Virgas …

Review … Eternal Echoes by Anastasia Virgas

Eternal EchoesTitle … Eternal Echoes
Author … Anastasia Virgas
Series … Sisters of the Devine
Genre … Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance
Publisher … Sisters Price Publishing
Release Date … 10.8.13
Format … Trade or eBook
ISBN 13 … 978-1492747000

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Book Summary (courtesy of GoodReads)

Ariston Dago is a sentry, a protector for his people. He watches the waters of his territory, keeping his god and his race safe both above and below the murky depths around Venice, Italy. When he’s compelled to save a human that falls from a transport, his life is forever changed, because the human he saves, Teagan Moss, is his mate, the first human to ever mate a Dagonite.

Teagan Moss is the kind of woman to shoot first and then question the body later. When she wakes with a Hydro bomb strapped to her body, she knows someone is going to pay for trying to kill her, and that she is going to need the help of the sexy exotic Dagonite to find out who exactly needs that bullet in their brain. What she doesn’t count on, is the scorching attraction she feels for the male who is so certain she is his.

Thrust into solving the mystery surrounding the attempt on his mate’s life, Ari and Teagan uncover more than the answers they are looking for, and the truths they unearth could send the world into another war.

My Review
This book in 8 words of less …

When Mrs. Virgas asked if there were any bloggers out there that would be interested in helping her out with a post – apocalyptic dystopian paranormal she had it the works I immediately offered to help because I knew that it was going to be awesome … I mean considering the source of where this book originated … the mind of the wild and wonderful Stella ‘Freakin’ Price. She is one of the zaniest authors I have ever had the opportunity of meeting. She is beyond funny with her witty sarcasm and I love her for it! So much of her personality shines throughout this book that at moments I was seeing her as the feisty heroine or her kick ass sister.

Also I will openly admit that I usually tend to steer away from dystopian/post – apocalyptic based books but in this case I am so glad I didn’t. I have never read a book where the shifters were octopi in origin. Mrs. Virgas took a giant leap into the unknown in regards to the response this book would have among the paranormal community and I am so proud of her for conquering the challenge and creating such an amazing world with an exceptionally well-told story that didn’t come across as overly bazaar or too syfyish. This is by far the best unusual (non – wolf) shifter book I’ve read this year.

Unfortunately for you I’m not putting any spoilers or revealing anything too juicy in my review because I want you to read this book and experience all the breathtaking and exhilarating deliciousness for yourselves so that in the end when you are finished you will be enraptured in the state of wonder that I found myself in when I was reading Eternal Echoes. However, I will part with two of my favorite parts which are both from the heroine Teagan.

Her eyes settled on the skin showing there, the peek of what looked like a tattoo over his right pectoral. And sweet ancestors did he look delicious.

His torso sporting light hair on his arms and under, and if she has seen correctly, a sexy trail leading into his shorts. Though that could have been wishful thinking. She had a thing for a well manicured happy trail. Not so different from human men … at least the top half of him.


Final Thoughts
After finishing this book in the wee early hours of the morning and all I can say is WoW… it was well-paced, fun, intriguing, and uniquely refreshing and original … just ABS-SO-FREAKIN-LUTE AWESOME SAUCE!! My nerves were still tingling from all the events that had occurred during this amazing read. To be honest I didn’t want it to end. I was so engrossed in the book that it was hard for me to except that I finished it. The end had came and passed leaving me distraught because this book was EPIC and now I’m going to go completely batshit bugfuck waiting for the next installment!



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