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{September 4, 2013}   ARC Review – Giddy Up by Tilly Greene …

Review … Giddy up by Tilly Greene

Giddy Up by Tilly GreeneTitle … Giddy Up
Author … Tilly Greene
Series … Branded
Genre … Erotic Cowboy Romance
Publisher … Tilly Greene
Release Date … 9.17.13
Format … eBook
ISBN … 978TG09172013

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Book Summary (courtesy of GoodReads)

Sakura Nakamura and her best friend packed their bags and are travelling around America by car. It’s been mostly work, but the chance for what she wanted most, the pleasure and kinky passion with two men she’d dreamt about, is right there to take.

The Wilson brothers, Ted and Matt, own a cattle ranch in Montana and want their beef in the Japanese market. Hard work is nothing when the woman they want comes to their doorstep and says yes to all they want.

Matt met Saki when he was in Japan connecting with Nakamura Enterprises, an import/export firm. They spent one night heating up the sheets and now she was on their turf. Promises of bondage, ménages and so much more were made if she came to their house and she was there to play.

Being in love and kinky is everything they wanted, but can they have the white picket fence lifestyle as well?

Branded Book 1 is Ride ‘em [bondage, D/s and ménage] and Book 2 is Konnichiwa Cowboy [D/s and Multicultural].

This is a Contemporary Western Erotic Romance + bondage, ménage a trois, D/s and is Multicultural.

My Review
This book in 8 words of less …

When asked to do a cover reveal for Mrs. Tilly’s upcoming release for her Branded series I automatically said I would read the ARC for a review. Well needless to say that was before I discovered it was the third release in the series, not that it was a problem for me and Mrs. Tilly said Giddy Up could be read as a standalone book but gave me the cliff notes version about the main characters from the previous book all the same. My problem was that once she revealed to me that there was a brief encounter with two of the main character from Giddy Up involving a geisha/cowboy fantasy in Konnichiwa Cowboy the decision was set in stone … I just had to get my hands on the first two books of her Branded series. Those of you know me or have read previous reviews that involved a similar situation you probably figured that was a given. What can I say? Given the fact that there was a chance that I could have missed out on something vital I would have just ended up kicking myself in the arse especially missing out on a geisha/cowboy fantasy.


After all that was said and done I am glad I read the first two books before hand because to me book the second book, Konnichiwa Cowboy, works as a prequel to Giddy Up for me. It set the stage for Giddy Up and I also learned some very interesting facts about Japanese culture in regards to geishas and prostitutes in Konnichiwa Cowboy. Sakura and Matt’s story continues in Giddy Up and although it is a fast read it still holds its own as a sizzling red – hot read about lust, love, and forbidden pleasures of the flesh.

Matt Wilson can’t seem to ignore his craving for Sakura Nakamura, a delectable little morsel that not only works for the company he so desperately needs in order to make business at the ranch more successful but she also happens to be the daughter of the owner he needs to do business with. Except there is a slight problem and he may have already screwed the pooch especially when he thinks back to how he spent his last night in Japan.

As Matt struggles to figure things out at the ranch Sakura is stuck back in Japan thinking very lusty thoughts about Matt and what he has to offer … life at the ranch involved in not only the ranch business but his brother, Ted as well. After Sakura spends months of constantly thinking about her hot cowboy Matt she finds a way to make her dreams come to a reality.

Final Thoughts
As Matt, Sakura and Ted’s story continues more and more intriguing characters are brought in to play and all I can say is … I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands of Jon and Molly’s book. It’s going to be hot … plain and simple. Therefore want it now!


On a more personal final thought … break out the ice cubes and multiple pairs of panties because when these Wilson brothers fixate on something they are hell bent and determined to make it happen which naturally only leaves you squirming in your seat and dripping wet with lustful desire.


Rating 4

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