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{July 28, 2013}   Review … A Little Harmless Ride by Melissa Schroeder

Review … A Little Harmless Ride by Melissa Schroeder

A Little Harmless RideTitle … A Little Harmless Ride
Author … Melissa Schroeder
Series … Harmless
Genre … Erotic Romance
Publisher … Harmless Publishing
Release Date … 7.9.13
Format … eBook
BN ID … 2940148273806
ISBN – 10 … 1490971289
ISBN – 13 … 978-1490971285

Finding Melissa
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Book Summary

When this Dom falls hard, he will do anything to protect the woman he loves.

Elias St John has lived a life most people wouldn’t believe. An Aussie by birth, he has found his way to the Big Island working as the right hand man to Joe Kaheaku. When his boss dies and leaves the ranch to Eli and Joe’s niece Crysta Miller, Eli finds himself more than a little attracted to her.

After finding her fiancé in bed with another woman and helping her father through his illness, Crysta is ready for a new start. The offer of the ranch far away from home is perfect. The only problem she has is with Eli who constantly tells her what to do. When an argument turns into a passionate kiss, both of them get more than they were expecting.

Eli finds himself completely enthralled with Crysta as his submissive. As seemingly simple accidents turn deadly, Eli realizes that someone is bent on destroying the ranch by any means possible … even murder.

My Review
This book in 8 words of less …

I have been a Melissa Schroeder fan ever since I discovered the first Harmless book … granted I was a little late to join the bandwagon but what can I say? This is what happens when you’re the last one to fall off the turnip truck by means of a reading challenge. But hey how’s that saying go? Better late than never … right? Well, needless to say I am tickled pink with the Harmless journey that Melissa as lead me on and that ride has brought us to the man of mystery himself … Elias St. John. Mee-Owh!!

Eli has been skulking in the shadows of Rough & Ready prowling from the very beginning but since he was never the central focus it has only drawn me to him more and now that his story is in my hands I have to say Ms. Schroeder did not let me down with this installment of the Harmless series.

Elias St. John is a smooth talking Aussie cowboy in the middle of a ranch on the Big Island in Hawaii who just happens to be an ex special forces man with skills that would make a mercenary proud. The deets on this man are chalked full of ab-so-freakin-lute deliciousness!! You have the Australian born accent … a body that would make Olympus Gods jealous from years of intense physical training … the honor of knowing what a hard day’s work really means from sweating day in and day out from ranching … and loyalty for honoring a deceased friend’s wishes even when said wishes start to unravel his disciplined control way too easily. So I ask what’s not to love! Oh … wait I think I forgot to mention the little detail about his mean back swing that will make anyone’s ass tingle just from reading about it. Yes my friends Elias St. John is man who exudes dominance tenfold. Dee-Lish!!

Now with a man who beholds all those fine qualities not just any lady can tame this tiger. No we need a woman who has spunk and a backbone but not someone who is vapid or malicious … welcome Crysta Miller everyone. She is just what Eli needs to make his life compete. She’s charming and empathetic while spirited and secure … she’s absolutely perfect when you add in her submissiveness and knowledge of the lifestyle. Although Crysta’s in touch with her submissive side don’t be fooled and mistake her for a weak wallflower because she will prove you wrong with the quickness. I totally adore her for not only having the testicular fortitude to stand up to Eli but being strong enough to stand by him when times get tough and believe me they do … you will just have to find out by reading the book because I’m not telling. Don’t be mad I gotta leave something for you to discover and boy the “who done it” suspense is a tasty treat that will have you fully engaged when Eli and Crysta’s maturing romance isn’t hold you captive.

Final Thoughts
As each story is read and more characters are introduced to the dynamics of my original favorites the addition to the newcomers has only made the Harmless World that more enjoyable and as I read A Little Harmless Ride the story has only confirmed my thoughts to be true. My love for the enigmatic Eli has only grown since his first appearance and the need to know the man that lurked beneath the emotionless mask and domination has been what held me to this series. But now that I have read Eli’s story Melissa has given me more chances to continue my enjoyment with my new fascination … Sean Kaheaku. He is my new Eli and I can’t wait to uncover his mystifying deliciousness!


If you find yourself wanting more from Melissa Schroeder I highly recommend her A Little Harmless Military, Cursed Clan Series and By Blood Series … ALL are amazing stories that I have come to enjoy.


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