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{July 23, 2013}   Caught in the Moment (ARC Review) …

Review … Caught in the Moment by Brandy Walker

CaughtTitle … Caught in the Moment
Author … Brandy Walker
Series … Freefall Series
Genre … Contemporary Romance
Publisher … BW Books
Release Date … 7.4.13
Format … eBook
BN ID … 2940148274056

Finding Brandy
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Book Summary

Laurel Kane is over her embarrassing high school crush on Quinton Ferris and even used the heartbreaking experience to get out from behind the lens of her camera. Ten years after graduation she is enjoying her dream job as a freelance photographer when her path crosses Quin again, only this time he’s the one hoping to catch more than a glimpse of her. He’s hoping she’ll forgive what a jerk he was and fall for the guy he is.

** CAUGHT IN THE MOMENT is a Novella – 26,600 words **

My Review
This book in 8 words of less …

When Mrs. Walker asked for help to read and review her recent contemporary romance novella I jumped at the opportunity and boy for a non – novella fan like myself I am so tickled pink that I did. Let me just tell you how much I loved this story!!

I feel that not only was Caught in the Moment well written but the length was just enough to make the story absolute. The world building is unique (hello … hottie skydivers!) and the cast of characters are even more special especially when the levels of emotion are put into play from various angles and aspects.

Caught in the Moment started out like reliving the days of high school all over again … moments filled teenage angst, the joys of high school crushes and the inevitable heart – breaking humiliation caused by rumors and name – calling … oh the horror!!! But unlike my non – glorified high school days the heroine, Laurel (random fact … I so went to school with a girl named Laurel … uncanny right?) gets a second chance at love although she isn’t 100% sure she wants to take the risk.

Passion and sexual tension start to build when the grown up version of the high school crush realizes who the girl behind the camera really is. Not only is Quin determined to apologize but he is hell bent on making up for his cocky jock assery back in high school. Even though his intensions are a little questionable at first he wants to prove his remorse is true to the woman Laurel has grown up to be and that his interests are more than just carnal.

Favorite Quote … “Fuck, right when I was about to climax!”

Finally Thought
On a more personal note I have to thank Mrs. Walker for using a different pet name then baby. I have personally come to hate the term for a pet name … I don’t know why it gets under my skin if I had to give a reason it more than likely boils down to the fact that TOO many authors use the word baby for endearment. Every time I read I book were an author as used the word baby as a pet name I automatically change it to babe. So a big fat thank you for having the delectable Quin call Laurel honey. Ahhh … read with ease.

Aside from my little tangent … bring on the deliciousness of Rev and Kegen!! Hopefully there story will fill more pages and be even more juicy since there is twice the temptation. I mean slap me in the middle and the scenarios start running amuck. Hey a girl can dream can’t she!


If you find yourself wanting more from Brandy Walker feel free to check out her Tiger Nip Series.

** Disclaimer … ARC provided courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. **


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