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{May 14, 2013}   Marco (ARC Review) …

Series Spotlight

Review … Marco by Melissa Schroeder

MarcoTitle … Marco
Author … Melissa Schroeder
Series … The Santinis
Genre … Erotic Romance
Publisher … Melissa Schroeder Publishing
Release Date … 5.10.13
Format … eBook
BN ID … 2940016699950
ISBN … 978-1-939734-90-7

Finding Melissa
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Book Summary

Marco is the quiet one of the four brothers which works well for his career as a Navy Seal. Living in Hawaii is a dream come true, his only probably is the infatuation he has for his landlady. He’s not sure he wants to act on his attraction until his brothers push Marco’s temper with a little harmless flirting.

Alana Kailikea is a woman who understands loss. Her entire family was killed when she was only eighteen, leaving her an heiress. A bad experience with gold digger has left her wary of most men—especially gorgeous men like Marco. She never expected him to ask her out, or that it would lead to a romance that has them burning up the sheets.

Marco doesn’t want an affair—he wants forever. He decides to woo the love wary woman all the while taking everything he can do to make sure Alana understands they were made for each other.

My Review
This book in 8 words of less …

Before I express my thoughts about Marco the next installment to Melissa Schroeder’s Santini series I would like to share my thoughts of randomness first … I don’t know if most people are readers like me but I’m one to read everything between the front cover to the back cover and one part of most books that I find myself enjoying a lot aside from the story itself is the Author’s Note section or Letters to Fans/Readers.

I take pleasure in reading these because I feel they open up the author in a more personal way … granted you get a taste of their humor and quirkiness or they way they may feel in regards to certain topics by the author’s writing style but still I get a scene of connection that I find has more of a personal touch then just the emotions expressed while reading one’s story. Getting a feeling from an author’s personal stand point makes me appreciate the author that much more. Appreciation for providing us with not only entertaining stories that give us long lasting memories for beloved characters they have created but for also sharing a part of the true self with us readers and fans. With that being said I have to say that Melissa is truly a lovely person and she gives you a taste of herself in every Author’s Note I’ve ever read. She is a gem and I’m not saying that because I have met the amazing Mel in person and had the time of my life hanging out with her back in August 2012 at AADNOLA.

Okay I’m done babbling about author praise and appreciation now so I will move on to what you came here for …
the very charming and charismatic Marco Santini!!

Meet The Characters
Marco Santini … is the quiet intense brother who get his feelings about a certain Hawaiian beauty outted when his rough and rowdy but very sensual brothers pay him a visit to help celebrate their brother Leo’s marriage. The natural observer who is generally genteel has to step up his game to keep his wayward brothers away from his lady love. When we see his inner alpha come out that splash of dominance just completes the rest of the package and as much as I love Leonardo I have to say that Marco has knocked him down to third place in my Santini line up.

Alana Kailikea … (don’t ask me how to pronouce her last name because there is a 95% chance that I will say it wrong. Lls!) is resilient, curvaceous and beautiful in MArco’s eyes and I find her to be a very likable character but very private when it comes to her personally and family especially when Marco enters her life. Having lost her entire family in a terrible accident and a recently ended engagement to a prick who was only after her money she has a hard time letting people in. But no challenge is too difficult when a man like Marco steps up to the plate with all his charisma and seduction.

Dogtags always make kiss better

Supporting Characters
Colin … is Alana childhood bestie, he has been there from kindergarden to her parents accident and beyon. Always showing her love and compassion but in the brotherly way because if he ever kissed her it would be like kissing his sister which he and Alana both will tell you is gross. Aside from Gee causing ruckus for the rest of the Santinis it is Colin who tosses in some truly hilarious moments every now and then to help lighten the mood. But just because he may act like a clown once in a while doesn’t mean he won’t kick some ass especially when it come to Alana. I would really like to see him get a HEA of his own.

Gee Santini … is the youngest of the Santini Brothers and boy does he let his actions show it. Being the instigator of the group he plays a mean game or flirt when it comes to Alana which only sends Marco off the deep end. As funny as Gee’s antics are I think he only does it to get his brother Marco to face the facts that he has feelings for Alana. The only problem is that Marco knows that expressing how he feels is a touchy situation that needs to be handled with care.

Vicente Santini … is back for more when he and the rest of the Santini Brothers come to visit Marco on the island. Only this time besides being the pretend flirt that he is we catch a glimpse of the oldest brother actually acting like an old man. When the younger Santinis witness this it just brings out more laughter and chaos.

Final Thoughts
I should be honest and say that I don’t particularly jones for novellas, not that there is anything wrong with novellas I just find that I enjoy full length novels better … BUT in this case I can’t get enough. I am uber delighted that these books are novellas and are coming out as quickly as they are because if I had to wait six months to a year to get my next fix of the Santini Brothers I will go bugfuck crazy! I LOVE the entire Santini Family and I appreciate how Melissa engages each of the characters!


If you find yourself wanting more from Melissa Schroeder I highly recommend her Harmless Series which has a spinoff the is Military Romance based entitled A Little Harmless Military, Cursed Clan Series and By Blood Series … ALL are amazing stories that I have come to enjoy.

** Disclaimer … ARC provided courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. **


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