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{May 7, 2013}   Leonardo (Arc Review) …

Series Spotlight

Review … Leonardo by Melissa Schroeder

LeonardoTitle … Leonardo
Author … Melissa Schroeder
Series … The Santinis
Genre … Erotic Romance
Publisher … Melissa Schroeder Publishing
Release Date … 5.3.13
Format … eBook
BN ID … 2940016721460
ASIN … B00CJJ2314
ISBN … 978-1-939734-99-0

Finding Melissa
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Book Summary

Leo Santini is a man who always has a plan. It is the way to live a well-ordered life. He never planned on dealing with the hardheaded physical therapist who is taking care of his friend. He definitely never planned on being so totally infatuated with her.

Maryanne Johnson doesn’t have time for a romance—especially with a military man. Sure, Leo is drop dead sexy, but more than one man in a uniform had hurt her before. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to resist him or his kisses. It doesn’t help that the man is as sweet as he is sexy. Falling for him is easy, but she does her best to keep herself from admitting it to him.

Leo knows she wants to keep things simple but when a Santini is in love nothing will stop him from achieving his goal—even the hardheaded woman he loves.

My Review
This book in 8 words of less …

Before I lead you to the discovery of the very delectable Santini brother known as Leonardo I must first take a moment to thank the ever amazing Melissa Schroeder for giving me the opportunity to read the first novella of her newest series “The Santinis”. I was beyond ecstatic when I got the email stating that I was chosen to aid in her creative endeavors, so big hugs and a mighty thank you to Mel for all your awesomeness.

In my opinion Ms. Schroeder has held up to her best selling name and pleased me very much with her world building, sense of humor (which I can just envision her using some of her character’s lines from the book in her real life), writing style and cast of characters. If you aren’t drawn to Leonardo and the supporting characters I strongly believe that you deserve a swift reprimand of the spanking variety.

Now onto the sexy beast named Leonardo Santini …

Meet The Characters
Leonardo Santini … is not your typical every day bachlor, you know the type that only worries about sexing up the ladies and partying in the lime light or worst the ones who are couch potatoes with no jobs living off their poor elderly parents / younger siblings. No sir peeps … my man Leo here is a military man, Army medic to be exact, coming from a family of military men. Given his family background you can expect him to be loyal, reliant and honorable while being meticulous, dominant, and stubborn at the same time you will however be surprised to know that this muscle clad hottie has a romantic and amusing side that makes your heart puddy in the palm of his hand.

Maryanne Johnson … is a pint-size firecracker who is vivacious in spirit and fiesty with sass … you gotta love a heroine who can stand on her own but is open to trying new things even if it’s unfamiliar and risky when it comes to one’s heart. I love her character! She is adorable and spunky.

Supporting Characters
Freddy … is MJ’s boss at BAMC who is the greatest and it’s not because he is gay and simple fabulous but because he is supportive, understanding and cares deeply for the welfare of Maryanne. I love Freddy!! He is a hoot! He provided me with high quality chuckle-worthy moments and I hope I get to see more of him if Leo and MJ happen to make appearances in other novellas for the remaining Santini Brother set to be released throughout the mouth of May.

Joey Santini … is the older verison of Maryanne Johnson only after begin married to a military man and having four sons who all have branched out in various fields of service. That’s right … Joey is Momma Bear Santini and she don’t mess around when it comes to her boys or the house rules. Just like MJ she has some feisty sass under her belt and is quick to speak her mind which you better do as she says or you will be regreting it later. Like Freddy I hope we get to see more of Joey and hopefully Pop Santini in the furture installments.

Vicente Santini … is the oldest of the Santini Brothers and according to Maryanne is just as gorgeous as Leo and I think I have to agree. The man is sex on a stick but he has a mystery to him that I need to find out what it is. Is he a double agent, stuck in the closet and harboring feelings for something else forbidden? We shall soon find out until then the next Santini will have to keep us company.

Final Thoughts
From the begin I was drawn in … being able to witness Leonardo and Maryanne’s relationship blossom and grow was not only endearing but highly entertaining. The chemistry between them packed a punch in the sizzle department. Schroeder’s writing style in regards to sex scenes is always refreshing and well written not over the top or too pornish no matter which series you find yourself reading. I highly recommend Leonardo and if you have never read a Military Romance before I can guarantee that Mel will definitely give you cause to start!

If you find yourself wanting more from Melissa Schroeder I highly recommend her Harmless Series which has a spinoff the is Military Romance based entitled A Little Harmless Military, Cursed Clan Series and By Blood Series … ALL are amazing stories that I have come to enjoy.

Favorite Moments & Quotes


** Disclaimer … ARC provided courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. **


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