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{April 11, 2013}   Shadows and Silk …

Series Spotlight

Review … Shadows and Silk by Liliana Hart

Shadows And SilkTitle … Shadows and Silk
Author … Liliana Hart
Series … MacKenzie Family
Genre … Romantic Suspense
Publisher … CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date … 12.20.12
Length … 269 Pages
IBSN 10 … 148180992X
IBSN-13 … 978-1481809924

Finding Liliana
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Brief Summary (provided by B&
A heroine with a smart mouth meets her match in an alpha hero with a tortured past.

Agent Brant Scott knows when a battle is lost. He’s been an integral part of hunting down members of the del Fuego cartel for years, but it’s not the violent criminals that have the ability to bring him to his knees. That honor belongs to one woman. And after spending a night in Darcy MacKenzie’s bed, he knows he has to disappear from her life or risk her finding out the one secret that can make her despise him forever.

Darcy MacKenzie is hell on wheels. At least that’s what her brothers tell her. And when she has the chance to work with the elite team assigned to destroy the most dangerous drug cartel in the world, she jumps at the chance to lend her expertise by deciphering the Mayan hieroglyphs the cartel is using to send messages.

The only problem is her partner is none other that Brant Scott — the only man she’s ever loved and the one who left her without a backward glance. With secrets of her own — and a body built for sin — Darcy is more than an equal match for the stubborn Brant. But loving each other could be more of a risk than either is willing to take.

My Review
This book in 8 words of less …

Even though it has been a hot minute since I’ve gotten a fix from the infamously delectable MacKenzie family (back when I read Cade – MacKenzie Family #6) … I have to say that Shadows and Silk made it easy for me to jump start my brain in remembering what had happened in the ending of Cade. I mean with as many books as I read characters and story plots tend to blend together and the mind needs a little zap every now and then to help bring it back online. So I want to thank Ms. Hart for the refreshing brain jolt.

Since I am no longer lying up in my bed with the nasty stomach virus that had me thinking I got food poisoning … yes I felt like I total death … so BE WARNED steer clear of this bad boy because it attacks fast and likes to linger. Now onward through the fog and surpassing the marathon of Law & Order – SVU episodes that held my entertainment during my illness … well that is not entirely true because Secrets and Silk was a contributing source to my entertainment as well and boy did Brant and Darcy entertain!

With the witty banter and sexual tension being thrown back and forth between the hero and his heroine and the suspenseful plot mixed in the equation makes this MacKenzie novel sizzle with deliciousness! Brant is a sexy beast that like Darcy has me wanting to lick him from head to toe … even if he is a little stubborn when it comes to feelings of love.

Meet The Characters
Darcy MacKenzie – Darcy is every bit the feisty spitfire you would expect from growing up in a home filled with alpha males as brothers who can be way too bossy and over-protective. The positive side of dealing with all that testosterone drama is that she can kick ass just as well as the rest of the MacKenzie clan. Add in those skills of toughness along with her intelligence and kindness and you have one very compassionate woman that can handle just about anything with a clear head … unless it involves being in a room with Brant Scott.

Brant Scott – Brant is my type of man through and through. Hauntingly Tortured + Bad Boy = 1 Sex Beast! Now listen ladies when I say sexy I mean sexier than what should be legally allowed. With all those muscles and secretive government training Brant is not only mouth-watering deliciousness but also just as deadly!

Brant and Darcy have a relationship that is fused with so much igneous sexual tension that their passion catches fire whenever they are together. Their dynamics are so well blended and yet Brant is still too overwhelmed by the secrets of his past that he indirectly closes off the feelings he knows possess his heart and soul from Darcy all the while she struggles to keep hers from him. As the their story carries us through the ins and out of the drug cartel they realize they both love each other, but will they get the chance to express their love before the bad guys take action and interfere?

Final Thoughts
First of all I love that Ms. Hart made Shadows and Silk another full length novel! Although I liked the beginning of the series I just enjoy the full length novels to novellas because I ALWAYS want more especially if I’m really excited about what I’m reading and naturally the MacKenzie have me very excited!! With excitement in mind this installment of the MacKenzie Family was both action packed and filled with such emotional intensity that it had me intrigued, in tears, giggling like a school with a crush and on the edge of my seat as arguments ensued, battles emerged, and casualties emanated … needless to say this book did not disappoint! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

* Review for Secrets and Satin … coming soon! *

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