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{October 11, 2012}   Zany RiN Update …

Hey Y’all … I just wanted to drop in and let you know that no I am not hibernating or ignoring my blog duties I am just currently internet deprived at the moment (other than on my phone or when I’m on campus). And speaking of campus I am in the middle of my fall semester so you know what that means … MIDTERMS … yuck! (o_O) Anywho, on top of midterms I am also in the middle of transfering stores for my job, while renovating my basement all at the same time so that my bestie can move in. Hopefully the internet won’t take that much longer to get fixed. Apologies for the inconvenience I maybe putting you through without you zanyness fix from yours truly.

However, I did want to share my lastest creation that is for my Web Design class. So sit back and prepare yourself (if you want to grab some popcorn or Reese Pieces I will gladly wait. That is only if you are willing to share your Reese Pieces with me!)


So what did you guys think? I know it may not look like much but trust me it took 35 frames just to animated the moon! I am also trying to add a howling sound to my little wolfie. Hopefully I can get it figured out before next week when the banner is due for a campus contest.

As for the lastest Nook update … sadly I am still deprived of that too 😥 so I am still stuck with physical books. Not that that is a bad thing because I have read some pretty kick-ass books that have been collecting dust on the book shelf.

Aside from all my trials and tribulations here is my current Top 10 … Lovin’ me
• Josh Turner’s Time Is Love • Hunter Hayes’s Wanted • Love & Theft’s Angel Eyes • Tim McGraw’s Felt Good On My Lips
• Jana Kramer’s Why You Wanna • Blake Shelton’s Over • Dustin Lynch’s Cowboys & Angels
• Jason Aldean’s Take A Little Ride • Rodney Atkins’s Farmer Daughter • Easton Corbin’s Lovin’ You Is Fun


Tiffany (Spiffy Tiffy) says:

Sounds very hectic lol. We must be really out of touch lately … when did you start liking country music? I can remember when you said country sucks and now your Top 10 is all country. I was like huuuh, whaaa? LOL No more Avenged Sevenfold. 😦
But seriously, your life sounds crazy right now. Good luck with those midterms!

Zany RiN says:

Haha … I still love Avenged (always will) … country is just a recent thing (must be a sign of old age or the lack of rock concerts) plus it didn’t help when I was stuck in a vehicle during a particular drive with a particluarly stubborn person who only listens to country. So that’s where I’m placing the blame. LoL! But my #1 and #2 could be poppy … I mean the one (Wanted) is like the next Beiber. Anywho, thanks for the good luck and let me know if any movies strike your fancy … I only got 4 hour shifts this coming week.

Tiffany (Spiffy Tiffy) says:

Hey I am all for it. I love music and I think you should listen to more than one type. Only listening to one style of music would be pretty boring! I was just surprised. I like some country … does Taylor Swift count? LOL Maybe you can open my eyes to more country. And of course I know you still love Avenged. I was just teasing lol. As for movies, doesn’t seem like too many good ones have been coming out but we definitely need to go see one soon! Btw, your changing stores? Whoa! Okay, guess we should not be using your blog to chat. Haha text me sometime.

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