Zany PNR Addict

{August 30, 2012}   Welcome to Zany PNR Addict …

Hello All and Welcome to Zany PNR Addict!

If you haven’t figured out by the title what this blog is about please take a seat and allow me to introduce myself and my blog. First off my name is Erin but my close friends call me RiN and I am the Zany PNR Addict. I am pleased that you have stopped by my blog on your internet ventures. This blog was orginally created as a means for me to share with you … (have you guessed it?) … BOOKS! All things revolving around books … my reviews, updates, new releases and anything else I wish to share from my zany random life. But now that I am back to college for the fall semester I have decided to use this blog here as a way for me to maintain and balance my sanity that may get lost in the chaos and pandemonium of my Web Design class. Naturally I will toss something book related into my class post … yes whether you like books or not you can bet your bippy I will do just that. However, once the class has come to a close my blog will revert back to it’s main purpose.

Thanks for stopping by and as always … Happy Reading



MacKayla Lane

P.S ~> If you care to learn more about yours truly then fill free to check out … Meet Zany RiN!

* Disclaimer … All graphics unless stated otherwise are made by me.


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