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{May 31, 2012}   What Is The World Coming Too …

Ever since I went to work yesterday I have been hearing nothing but bizarre stories about various acts of cannibalism and people disemboweling themselves. I mean at first I thought my co-worker was trying to play some kind of joke because he is always telling me crazy – off the wall – zany stuff … like 6 years old being suspended from school for singing the LMFAO song I’m Sexy and I Know It. Okay that I can laughing along with as just plain goofiness but when he said yesterday to me “Did you hear about the naked man who ate some dude’s face?” I thought he was making it up because we where just talking about when does Season 3 of the Walking Dead start. So how am I, a person with above average intelligence (at least among those I work with) even attempt to process this??? Well, it lead to the infamous go to man when anyone needs proof … GOOGLE. And sure enough he was telling the truth. I was so distraught the rest of the night that I couldn’t even enjoying reading. Can you believe it??? Me! Not being able to seat down and enjoy my book because I could make my thoughts kept coming back to a naked Miami man’s actions. Now all over Facebook my cousin has been posting all kinds of similar stories and people are making jokes about zombies attacking due to bath salts! I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s right that people are out there making jokes about these occurrences. This is a serious problem that they need to address. How can the people pushing this new drug on others continue to do so knowing the horrible after effects that take place once this drug is ingested??? My skin is still crawling!

Real-life Hannibal Lecter

On Saturday May 26th 31 year old Rudy Eugene (right) attacked and mutilated 65 year old Ronald Poppo (left) for over 18 minutes before police arrived to offer assistance to rectify the situation that was happening in broad daylight!

According to the CBS Miami … The incident was captured by a surveillance camera on the nearby Miami Herold building and here is a brief of their report …
Rudy Eugene walked naked alongside the MacArthur Causeway before pouncing on a homeless man he found dozing in the shade of the elevated Metromover train tracks.

For almost 18 grisly minutes, Eugene savaged his victim, punching him and stripping the man’s pants before gnawing off the homeless man’s face — all as cars and cyclists rolled by on the busy causeway on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

The new details of the horrific attack were captured in additional video footage taken by security cameras at the nearby Miami Herald building.

At least five passersby, including a Road Ranger from the Florida Department of Transportation, called police to report what they saw of the macabre scene. Three bicyclists pedaled by the two bloody men in the minutes before the arrival of Miami police officer Jose Rivera, who shot and killed Eugene to end the attack, the new footage shows. The shooting itself was obstructed in the video, and the officer appeared to shoot Eugene within a minute of arriving.

To read the full report you can find it here on Miami Herold’s website.

Jersey Gets Stuck by Craziness

More craziness in the world took place in Hackensack, New Jersey when a 43 year old Wayne Carter allegedly cut out his entrails in front of police and then threw bits of his flesh and intestines at them. According to CBS New York the gruesome scene played out on Sunday evening when received a call stating a man was threatening to stab himself. When the police entered the residence, Carter stood up and started to shout frantically at police, then proceeded to stab himself all over his body … leaving 50 wounds along his legs, abdomen and neck. After several attempts to persuade the man to drop his knife two cans a pepper spray were used to try and subdue the man resulting with no effect. So my thought for you is was Carter dipping in the bath salt craze that has hit the screen in Miami like Eugene or was this incident a merely case of the crazies??? Apparently me and Lt. Heinemann share similar thoughts because his statement in the article said that he believes that drugs or mental illness may have led to the horrific incident, but those details haven’t been confirmed.

Maryland Crime Beat – Cannibalism

This is a similar case like the above Miami occurrence but much more closer to home for my taste. According to The Baltimore Sun … today the 21 year old Morgan State student Alexander Kinyua (left) was charged for not only dismembering his roommate 37 year old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie (right) but consumed parts of his brain and heart as well. They state that … this case comes on the heels of shocking incidents in cities like Miami, where a naked man believed to be high on bath salts ate another man’s face, and New Jersey, where a man disemboweled himself and reportedly threw his intestines at police officers. Police there say they aren’t sure whether the man, Wayne Carter, was on drugs or suffering from mental illness. After reading the whole article I can not be sure if Kinyua was an active participant in the highly crazed drug “Bath Salts” or if he was merely an stable individual with some severely deep-seeded issues.

Other Top Bizarre Stories

With all this crazy cannibalism and stuff going on in the world here are some of the more popular bizarre-ness that in happening around us according to NY Daily News

Georgia man’s death during threesome nets his family $3M in trial! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!! Who would ever think you could sue if your husband dies during a roll in the sack having a bit of kinky fun? First off, useless you were late in age I never would have thought that a 31 year man could die from having sex. Hell men are in the prime of their life between the ages of 18 and 40 … right??? Secondly, I would be wanting to beat the bastard down for cheating on me! Am I being a little too harsh? I think not.

Here is the breakdown of the story from the Daily News …

William Martinez’s estate was originally seeking $5 million in a medical malpractice case that claimed a cardiologist failed to warn the 31-year-old to stay away from physical activity. Martinez, a husband and father of two, was engaged in a threesome with a friend and another woman who was not his wife a week after having an appointment at Cardiovascular Group in Lawrenceville for chest pains that were radiating into his arm resulting in his death on March 12, 2009. A test was scheduled for eight days later, but the day before the test he decided to engage in the extramarital hanky panky, according to reports.

Sex tape of student plays at graduation ceremony in Denmark, shocking audience! The thought initially made me chuckle at first but then I thought about the embarrassment that was felt by the student and the his parents. But apparently during graduation a student in Denmark shared much more about his high school experience with his family and friends than he ever anticipated, when a videotape of him having sex was played during his school’s graduation festivities.

The X-rated clip of the student having sex with a woman began to play in a video presentation celebrating the graduates of the Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium school near Copenhagen, shocking the 400 to 500 people in the crowd. “It started with some pictures of them and you thought it was fun. But it then turned into a sex video,” a student told Danish website Politiken. “Everyone was shocked – but no-one turned it off. It was clearly too much and the 30 seconds the film lasted, felt a very long time.”

It is not clear if the student or the woman involved knew the footage was taken of them, but it appeared to be hidden camera video, the school’s Headmaster Jorgen Rasmussen told The Copenhagen Post. School officials believe it was intentionally placed in the presentation, which included photos and videos from students, and have identified and punished the students who edited the tape.

This puts a whole new meaning to Going Green and even though he’s got the Hulk’s brawn. Too bad he doesn’t have Bruce Banner’s brains! LoL! 😛 A muscle-bound Brazilian deejay decided to paint himself green like the Marvel comic book character so he could stand out from the other runners in a local race. But instead of using body paint, 35-year-old Enrique dos Santos opted for an industrial paint the military uses on ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines, local papers reported. And while the hapless Dos Santos, known in the town of Vila Cruzeiro as MC Marronzinho, was aiming for the Hulk — he wound up looking more like a sorry Shrek.

It took 24 hours of scrubbing by his frantic mother as well as countless friends before they were able to return Dos Santos to something close to his normal color. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, one of the town’s papers ran a photo of Dos Santos’ exasperated mom scrubbing her son and identified her as his girlfriend. Minus the paint, Dos Santos bears no resemblance to Banner, a thoughtful scientist who transforms into the raging Hulk in times of danger.


I saw the guy who painted himself green on the news and the cannibal attacks are horrendous. I was freaked out enough when a few years ago a woman’s pet monkey ate the neighbor’s face. *Ate her face*…so horribly, hideous.

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