Zany PNR Addict

{March 27, 2012}   Spring Break Blues …

So today was the first day back to campus after a very speedy and short lived Spring Break and as I was attending my first class of the day (Western Civ 2) I heard the most heart wrenching story first thing in the morning as my classmate were all pouring through the door trying to get themselves situated. A fellow classmate of mine named Jack came in looking rather rough so I was feeling rather drab myself so I wasn’t going to pick on him … well need-less-to-say big mouth Zach sitting next to me didn’t take ques from me and let things alone. From that moment Jack said he hadn’t slept for 3 days so naturally one assumes with it being Spring Break that Jack partied a little too hard … not so much. You see him and his wife were expecting their first child together … Sophia was her name to be and with all of us knowing that Jack;s wife was due to go on April 8 … Easter. Come to find out that in the mist of my congratulating him I saw it … the sadness in his eyes and then I knew that the 3 days of no sleep was not due the joy of being a newly proud papa and that something bad had happened. I didn’t want to pry but I sensed that he needed to get something off his chest so I provided a proverbial shoulder for him to lean on and what he shared with me was not what I was expecting to hear.

Jack began by telling me about this dream he had on Tuesday morning and in his dream he saw a girl around his age and although she was grown he sensed that he knew who she was and that she was so beautiful … face like her mother and blue eyes like her dad. And as he is staring at her he noticed that her lips were about to move as if she were going to say something and the words that fell from her lips were I Love You Daddy … then he woke up. You see Jack had a funny feeling from having that dream that he encouraged his wife to going to the hospital just to be sure everything with Sophia was going smoothly while he went to a job interview that his wife refused to let him miss because she said she felt fine. 4 hours later after Jack’s grandmother dropped him off at the hospital to check on his wife and their precious Sophia and what he saw stopped he dead in his tracks … his wife in a hospital bed with red swollen eyes and as she noticed him the tears began again as she was saying I’m sorry, I’m so sorry

Just thinking about him telling me about this dream has me choked up. Apparently within the 4 hours from when Jack’s wife arrived the doctors could not get a read on little Sophia heart. As he told me this my heart spattered into a million pieces because I know how excited they were for their little girl and for Sophia to be taken from them just shy of joining the world is just truly truly heart breaking. Moments like these make me question faith and proves that fate is a fickle fickle bitch.


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