Zany PNR Addict

{March 22, 2012}   Days of Pure Laziness …

Okay just so y’all know I am currently on Day 5 … that’s right Day 5 of my Spring Break and I have been a completely lazy bastard!! There I said it … Yes … ME! I guess I should admit that when my break began I was all gun-ho with this whole plan to set things in motion the right way so that my break would be on the more motivated end of the spectrum and at least a bit more productive then usual.
Well guess what … I haven’t done a damn thing except work, sleep, snack and read (the last should have been an automatic given. LoL!)
So now that Day 5 is upon us and to get the proverbial ball rolling today’s mission is as follows …

  • Return cat carrier to bestie …
  • Purchase new book shelf …
  • Installment of new book shelf …
  • Reorganize books for the old and the above aforementioned book shelves …
  • Finally post a Review or two from the mountainous stack I have piling up …

I know it’s not a very detailed list of events but what can I say … it’s already 4 in the evening.
So after I get my ass motivated enough to leave the coziness of my bed I will let you know the days progress.
But to hold you over until I return here is a little something to but a smile on your face …

Okay I am off so cross your fingers and wish me luck.


smittenwithbadboyheroes says:

OMG RiN! I near lost my shit over your funnies… lol!!

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