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{February 27, 2012}   Authors After Dark Convention 2012 Reading Challenge

Evening Y’all! I figured I would take the time to share my latest most wonderfully fantastical news …
are you ready for it …
brace yourself …
okay enough suspense …
Authors After Dark Convention
I’m here to tell y’all that I am 1 of 320 lucky bastards that are attending the Authors After Dark Convention hold in none other then the City that Care Forgot … N’awlins with 80 … that’s right you are reading this correctly … 80 Amazing & Talented Authors!! I’m so damn excited that I will probably be more nervous then a cat in a room full of rocking chairs by the time I actually get there. Books, Booze and Tattoos … OH MY! So much fun and excitement all in one ritzy hotel located on the infamous Bourbon Street! This is my very first trip to New Orleans that I’m hoping to not only have a blast with some good peeps (namely my bestie Tina and my GoodReads bestie Kat best probably known to you as Miss Smitten With Bad Boy Heroes) but experience what is so infamous about the location … from the Absinthe to the Voodoo and the Jambalaya that falls in between!! For more information about the event itself or the amazing talent that will be present simply click the AAD link found in the above text.

Okay now on to the purpose of this blog … (besides my uber never-ending excitement)
SO in order to get my self ready for all this upcoming chaos and pandemonium I have decided to hop on the Midnyte Reader AAD Challenge. What this means is the I am going to set myself up for a challenge to read at least 1 series or at minimum 1 book from each author attending that I haven’t yet discovered. So cross your fingers and lets get to the damage …

Here is Challenge … 51 Books

My GoodReads List

(This shelf contains all the books from the various authors attending the AAD Convention
but not all books listed on said shelf will be review. Only the ones list here in this blog.)

Okay folks well thanks it for now. I will keep you posted as I go along. Caution Warning … List may chance as time passing depending on how my classes go this semester. And speaking of classes I have a Lab assignment which is due tomorrow so I better get crackin’ before I fall asleep because I had inventory this morning and I was dragging balls from lack of sleep. Wish me luck.



Jupiter’s Cock, RiN!! Do you think you have enough books on the list?? LOL! I have 40 and thought that was pretty aggressive. We will both try our best.

Your list looks great. Some i have read and some I can’t wait for…Suzanne Johnson’s, Pamela Palmer’s new series and Alexandra Ivy’s new one (which i bought today) and of course Vlad’s story from our queen – Jeaniene Frost.

Can I dare ask you to add one more? lol! A friend of mine Amanda Carleson is releasing her very first novel in August (or before) titled Full Blooded; the Jessica McLaine series. please oh pretty please add her to your list?

Good luck luv!!

Zany RiN says:

If I’m not mistaken I believe her link didn’t work for me but I will check again and see what happens.

53 books???!!! 53???!!! Are you serious??? That’s about how many I read in a year! But far be it for me to discourage you! Good luck and thanks again for joining my Challenge!

Zany RiN says:

Haha! We may never know. That total may adjust here and there depending on how my semester goes and as you can see my girl Kat is trying to get me to add more, LoL! :o)~

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